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For anyone who actually watches this silly fucker, I shall be posting more here it'll probably be kinda slow however. But, this ol' bird still got plenty o' stories to tell.
Hello there friend what are you doing sitting at the same table as me. What’s that you want me to share my story. Well I don’t know why you’d want to know that. Though you seem really adamant to know it. Well I don’t know what inclined you to ask me but I shall start with how I came to be who I am now. My name is Richard Montiano, though very few refer to me by that name anymore. Wherever you go the people always refer to me by a different name, sometimes though they’ll deny I ever existed. One you’ll hear often is The Great Doctor, another is simply my family name Montiano. You may wonder why I have so many names. Well I was once just a doctor known throughout the lands by the people as a strange but kind man. I helped any who were injured, sick or dying; only asking for a place to stay the night or something to eat. At the same time I worked to actively prevent more being injured or dying. For not only was I a doctor but a fighter and explorer.
One day I was walking through a forest headed to a town I visit often, Winadale, for not too far away is a lake where many plants and herbs grow that are useful for one in my profession. On my way there however I heard whimpering coming from somewhere off the trail. When I followed the sound I found what looked like an Animus of some sort. She was bleeding profusely from three large wounds across her side. They looked like claw marks, but I saw no sign of what caused them. I quickly ran to her side plopping down my satchel that held my supplies next to me. Checking her heartbeat I found that it was already weak and getting weaker. First thing I had to do was numb the pain and disinfect the wound. I utilized a paste made from a herb that grew on Shraggert Mountain that did both and could neutralize many venoms and poisons too. As I applied this to the wound I checked to see if she was still conscious. She was not but she still was breathing. Then I moved on to dressing the wound and applying pressure to stop the the blood flowing. I barely had enough bandages to cover the wound. Her blood was not clotting it seemed however so I injected a serum I had concocted in order to further slow the bleeding. I checked her forehead to find incredibly hot to the touch but I couldn’t do much about that here so I forced her to drink some of my water from my water pouch and then held it against her head. I had to get her to town to assess her injuries further.
As I collected my things and went to lift her I heard a branch snap followed by a strange clicking. I turned around to see the source of the sound was a strange beast that I didn’t recognize as native to these wood. It was covered in grey fur and stood on two legs. On its face was a pointed mask that appeared to be made of stone covered in runic markings. At the ends of its hands were claws. I assumed this was the creature that attacked my patient. I drew my sickle from where it resided on my belt. I couldn’t pick up my patient and run for that could cause her bandages to come undone, I had to fend off the creature. Suddenly it spoke to me in a strange voice that was calming but also demanded respect.
It asked, “Who are you strange man who hides his face behind a bird mask.”
“My name is Richard Montiano a man of medicine” I quickly replied, “might I ask who are you?”
“I am known as Kiopo, I serve as the guardian of these woods” it answered soothingly, “It is my duty to keep these woods free of corrupting forces.” Looking at the injured Animus it told me “Unfortunately, I cannot remove the creature who has been attacking my students. It always manages to escape before I can finish it. ”
“Is that what attacked her” I inquired, “this creature you speak of?” Without realizing it I had placed my sickle back on my belt.
It sighed as it came closer to inspect the Animus. “Yes” it answered with a hint of  sadness. It then kneeled to inspect the bandages I had applied previously. “I assume you did this?” It asked looking at me.
“Why yes!” I replied proudly, “but she is still in need of treatment if without any she may still perish yet! I must her town order to do so however.”
“Then we shall take her I will travel with you to the edge of the forest to protect you, but I must remain here to expel this creature from my forest.” Kiopo replied as he lifted the Animus up off the ground and started heading in the direction of the town. As I followed behind him I decided to offer my help once I was done tending the injured Animus. At first he seemed reluctant to accept my help, but once I explained that I had fought many dangerous creatures in order to prevent further loss of life and injuries to the defenseless. Winadale was no exception for it’s guard were used to dealing with petty thieves and the like this creature he spoke of did not sound like something they could handle. So I’d rather it be gone before it wandered any closer to the town.
He finally agreed saying “Alright I can tell you're determined to assist me, so once you have finished to this one’s wounds and any other business you have come back to the edge of the woods to east of town. I shall meet you there.”
In town I was able to acquire the supplies and tools needed to fully diagnose her symptoms and injuries. I had in stable condition within a day. Once I had determined the townsfolk were healthy and well, I collected some herb and plants at the lake among other supplies from the merchant’s of the town and departed. I went to the eastern edge of the woods and there he appeared from behind a tree. He looked at me and said…
Oh my would you look at the time looks like I’ll  to cut my story short. If you ever wanna hear the details of the battle with the beast or the quest I was then sent on subsequently you’ll have to meet me here again sometime, but for now I have some duties to attend to. What’s that you look a little disappointed. Don’t fret if you want hear more of this old birds tale you’ll just have to return later. I promise I’ll be back a because a Montiano always keeps his promises.

Read description for more info.
Thanks for reading :D.
The Tale of Richard Montiano Pt.1
This is an introductory story for my character Richard who is among the prominent characters in A project I'm working on currently being called The Masked King.
Richard is a member of the Montiano family tree. Most members of the family tend to have a natural affinity for the medicinal arts or similar. The family is known for spawning some of the world's greatest Doctors, Alchemists, and Explorers. Originally one of five powerful families that ruled the city of Vilhalan, until one of the five initiated a hostile takeover for full control.  The majority of the citizens who had great respect of the kind family helped them to escape mostly unscathed. Among those who escaped was Richard's father and his wife. The family now resides in the forest near the location where the capital of the kingdom Orchestalia would be built. (I'll explain what the Kingdom of Orchestalia is when I do the story for another character)
Critique would be appreciated and any tips on how to improve my storytelling are welcomed.
Thanks for reading and have a day free of any flesh-melting diseases :).


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